Brain drain and lack of professional human resource a threat to economy – Mahfooz Elahi

  • December 27, 2010
Professional people and skilled human resources are very much needed for the economic progress of Pakistan but discouraging internal factors are forcing our human capital to shift to other countries, said Mahfooz Elahi President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

He showed concern that due to lack of job opportunities, congenial environment and support by the government, our knowledgeable and skilled human resources are looking other destinations to earn decent livelihood in a peaceful environment. Elahi said that issue of brain drain and migration of human capital is becoming a critical problem, which needs to be stopped. He said that especially youth after having professional qualification from Pakistan and abroad, prefers to settle abroad.

President proposed the government to take proactive measures and create conducive environment of opportunities for our youth and professional people, so that they should stay to contribute positively in the economic development of Pakistan.

President ICCI said that quite a large number of doctors, engineers and professionally qualified people are jobless and such a situation creates frustration in them and forces them to move aboard. More problems of shortage of professional and skilled human resource may occur in the country, if current situation prevails in the years to come, Elahi said.

He was of the view that high inflation is also becoming a major cause of migration of human capital because in the current tough circumstance, it has become difficult for a common man to survive. Also educated lot does not foresee secured career in the country.

ICCI President citing examples of China and other developed countries said that these countries greatly emphasize on retaining of human capital and spend a large amount of money for their professional training and education abroad. But unfortunately in Pakistan, Higher Education Commission has cut down the budget for the students who went abroad for higher studies.

Mahfooz Elahi said that every year a large number of young people, go abroad for study in different countries and prefers to stay there after completion of education, thus government should devices attractive policies to bring them back to Pakistan and provide them better opportunities for their productive role in national development.

He emphasized that Pakistan should seriously stem this alarming situation by providing better job opportunities based on skills and talent because due to migration of skilled labor, industries are also facing shortage of skilled labor.