Businessmen for dedicated location for protests and sit-ins in Islamabad

  • August 09, 2014
Khalid Chaudhry, Senior Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has called for a dedicated location for protests and sit-ins in the federal capital as the trend of political rallies and marches in Islamabad badly affects the business activities. 
He said the political march on 14th August 2014 has created lot of concerns, especially in the traders of Blue Area as local administration plans to seal Islamabad and this situation will take a heavy toll on business activities in the federal capital.
He said government should dedicate a place near Faisabad Playground or at any other suitable place for such events to avoid any loss to traders and industrialists. He also appealed to the protesters to take pity on businessmen as protests cause lot of trouble for them. 
He said businessmen have decided to keep their shops opened during planned protest days to cater to the needs of general public as well as the coming guests. He said no one would be allowed to force the traders for shutting down their shops. He also appealed to the local administration to ensure proper security in markets during the planned days of protest. 
Khalid Chaudhry said the political rallies are launched in capitals of many countries, but they have dedicated places for such events to avoid any disturbance to business activities. He said businessmen and citizens of Islamabad have been demanding since long for a dedicated place in Islamabad for such events, but no measures have been taken in this regard as yet.
He appealed to Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, Interior Minister and Deputy Commissioner ICT to arrange a dedicated place for political meetings in Islamabad and provide proper security in markets so that business of traders in Blue Area and other sectors may not be disturbed by such events.