CDA asked to form task force to expedite development works in markets

  • July 25, 2014
Khalid Chaudhry, Acting President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has called upon the CDA to form a task force to expedite the developmental works in commercial centers of the federal capital. 
He said CDA has not upgraded markets since long due to which the business community is facing lot of problems in running business activities. He was addressing representatives of various markets at Chamber House. 
He said many sectors in Islamabad including G-7, F-6, G-6 and G-8 etc. were developed about 20 to 25 years back and due to lack of proper maintenance, their condition has deteriorated. The state of sanitation is pathetic as gutters are seen overflowing in many markets and CDA is paying no attention to remedy the situation. The only sewerage machine is also lying faulty.
Many markets are without toilet facility while the condition of available toilets is very poor on account of wear and tear due to which the customers and their families have to face great problems.
Khalid Chaudry said CDA is collecting sufficient tax revenue from business centers, but instead of utilizing tax money on the development of markets, this money is used somewhere else and the end result is that markets are presenting a bad look. 
He said the current sewerage and water supply systems are more than 40 years old and are now unable to meet the needs of rising population which has increased four times. He appealed to Mr. Maroof Afzal, Chairman and Mr. Amer Ali Ahmed, Member Admn CDA to issue orders for early start of developmental works in markets and for this purpose a task force should be constituted to expedite such works.