CDA should allocate proper place for trucks parking – Shahid Zaman Shinwari

  • October 11, 2011
A delegation of Trucks Association, I-11/4 visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) and have a meeting with Mr. Shahid Zaman Shinwari, Vice President ICCI. The delegates discussed several issues regarding trucks parking.

Speaking on the occasion, Shahid Zaman Shinwari said that an efficient transportation system is vital for trade, commerce and national integration. Trucks provide a mode of transportation and facilitate goods forwarding in a well-organized way, he added.

He said that Capital Development Authority (CDA) should allocate proper place for trucks parking because the existing place was insufficient for this purpose.

ICCI Vice President said that CDA was receiving million of rupees from trucking business. Therefore, it is imperative to allocate a sufficient place for trucks, he emphasized.

The delegates express their concern and said that there were so many security issues which they were facing while parking trucks at common places.

They demanded that CDA should corporate with them in this matter and allocate sufficient place for truck parking to avoid further in-convinces.