Construction of Ring-Road around Federal Capital is essential for smooth traffic flow-Mehmood Ahmed Waraich

  • December 06, 2012
Construction of a Ring-Road around the Federal Capital is essential for controlling traffic inflow as number of heavy vehicles plying on different roads of the federal capital has significantly increased resulting into traffic problems. 

These remarks were made by Mr.Mehmood Ahmed Waraich, Senior Vice President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) while presiding a meeting at Chamber House. He said that the current traffic problems are due to mismanagement of civic agency, which failed to implement its master plan for the federal capital, thus there is a dire need to construct a ring road around Islamabad for controlling heavy traffic and loaded vehicles which have to face immense problems while entering in the Federal Capital.
Mr.Waraich was of the view that modern infrastructure could promote economic and commercial activities, therefore the plan of modern traffic management system and construction of a ring road should be executed to ensure smooth traffic flow. He said that number of road accidents, infrastructural damage and security hazards have been increasing significantly due to heavy vehicles within the city.
He cited the examples of ring roads in various metropolitans of UK, Europe, China, and most Commonwealth countries which were using such roads for controlling heavy traffic mess.
Mr.Waraich said that Islamabad is the hub for all the governmental activities as well as the centre of all industrial and commercial activities as a daily traffic volume of above 100,000 vehicles which is received by Tarnol toll Plaza and Faizabad interchange, therefore it is high time to construct a single-free ring road around Islamabad to improve the traffic flow as years have gone by and no one in the government has ever bothered to improve the traffic situation.
ICCI Senior Vice President said that by financing infrastructure projects like access roads and ring road network would accelerate business activates. In order to make the public sector spending more effective, public spending policy must have priority for removing infrastructure obstruction, he maintained.