Experts need to develop comprehensive water management plans – Zahid Maqbool

  • September 15, 2010
The water needs in Pakistan would keep on growing with increasing population and timely management of water is much need to save the country from the future water and economic crises, Mr.Zahid Maqbool, President expressed these view addressing a meeting at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

He said that in a country of about 170 million population, a large number of population is still deprived of clean drinking water, that cause in growing health diseases. Government with local and international organizations should develop a comprehensive strategy for water conservation and a mechanism for providing clean drinking water to the people of our country.

The President said government should not waste more time in building small and medium size dams to meet the rising energy and agriculture demands. He said that industrial activity in the country is badly hurt due to shortage of electricity and load shutdowns, which could create more serious troubles in the coming years if the current energy crisis is not timely and well addressed. He lamented that due to poor planning a large quantity of water in the recent flood has been wasted instead of its better utilization.

Exporters also face great problems in the absence of gas and electricity, as a result timely delivery of export orders are difficult to ensure, resulting loss of orders and declining exports. He said that due to closure of industrial units, there will be more unemployment thus policymakers should seriously make plans for water management to keep the wheel of the industry running and to generate employment and more economic activity in the country.

He stressed upon the government to immediately plan construction of small dams and water reservoirs for storage of water and energy generation. He lamented that despite possessing world’s best canal system, Pakistan is losing about 60 MAF of water due to lack of reservoirs which is falling into the ocean greatly stressed of water management.