FBR urged to halt insulting tactics against businessmen

  • July 28, 2014
Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has stressed upon the Federal Board of Revenue to halt insulting tactics against the businessmen as such methods would lead to unrest in the city as well as cause further fall in tax collection.
Khalid Chaudhry, Acting President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that ICCI has always been cooperating with FBR for broadening the tax net and recovery of tax revenue, but its Intelligence and Investigation Department is taking measures that hurt the self-respect of traders and create unnecessary harassment. 
He said taxpaying traders are called by I&I Department for investigation, kept in a servants quarters and are coerced for compromise. He called upon the Federal Minister for Finance Mr. Ishaq Dar to take notice of this situation and direct FBR to stop using such insulting tactics against the traders.
He said government has banned the sale of smuggled cigarettes but small cigarette retailers including Khokha Walas are normally unaware of such decisions. He said FBR should first create better awareness in small traders before taking any action against them. He said Director I&I and all other officers of FBR are well aware of the fact that how cigarette containers are cleared at Islamabad Dry Port and to which wholesalers such consignments go. 
He said as the wholesalers are located in Punjab jurisdiction and Chief Minister Punjab has directed FBR not to take any action against wholesalers in Punjab, the tax department conducts unnecessary raids on small cigarette retailers in Islamabad, takes pictures of cigarettes as a proof, calls them to its office, detains them for long hours and coerces them for palm greasing, which is highly insulting.
Khalid Chaudhry emphasized for urgent transfer of Director I&I as all such tactics are being used under his patronage.