ICCI calls for timely supply of goods in markets during Ramadan

  • May 15, 2018
Sheikh Amir Waheed, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that the Holy Month of Ramadan is round the corner and called upon the local administration to take measures for ensuring timely supply of daily items in local markets in Islamabad during Ramadan so that fasting people may not face any shortage of needed items. He said normally during the month of Ramadan, people have to face shortage of some daily consumption items due to delay in their supply which also gave rise to inflation. He stressed that to avoid any such situation the local administration should take proactive measures to save the people from unnecessary problems. 
Sheikh Amir Waheed said that in many countries during the month of Ramadan, discount was offered to fasters on purchase of daily items so that low income people could also easily meet their day to day consumption needs. He called upon the traders to cooperate with local administration in controlling inflation and consider offering discount to consumers on purchase of daily items so that low income people could feel facilitated. He said that Islam laid great stress on taking care of poor and needy people and called upon the well-to-do people to come forward to meet the needs of poor people of society during the month of Ramadan.
ICCI President said that CDA and local administration usually arranged more sasta bazaars during Ramadan in Islamabad. However, he said that normally low quality items were made available in such bazaars and stressed upon the local administration to ensure the supply of good quality items in these bazaars in the best interest of the general public. He also emphasized upon the government to take measures to control inflation across the country during Ramadan so that people might not face any unnecessary hike in prices during the Holy Month.