ICCI condemns suicidal attacks in Islamabad Kucheri and calls for shifting courts to a safer place

  • March 03, 2014
Businessmen in a meeting at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry strongly condemned the firing and two suicidal attacks in Islamabad Kucheri which resulted in loss of many precious lives & injuries to many people and termed it a great setback to the ongoing peace initiatives of the government. They expressed deep condolences with the bereaved families and prayed that may Allah the Almighty keep the departed souls in eternal peace.
Speaking at the occasion, Shaban Khalid, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry termed this incident as a direct attack on the judicial system of Pakistan which was finally taking shape as the real and responsible arm of the society. He further stated that at a time when peace through talks was making progress, an attack of this nature at this critical time seems to be an act of those who do not want peace to prevail at any cost. These are anti-state and anti-peace elements that need to be dealt with an iron hand.
He said the unplanned growth of Kucheries in the center of a commercial hub and residential areas seemed to be a great security risk. Apart from lot of business set ups, many schools and hospitals are located in this area and the presence of courts in this busy commercial center is not only a big security issue for the traders & visitors, it is also a cause a great risk for the residents including children of the surrounding area. 
Shaban Khalid once again requested the local administration to arrange for urgent shifting of courts from F-8 Markaz to a safer place that is purpose-built and keeping in view the current security threats is away from residential areas. This arrangement will not only remove security threats and unnecessary congestion from this important business area, it will also help in preventing any such untoward incident in the future and save precious lives from loss.