ICCI demands quota for Islamabad in Apnarozgar Scheme

  • November 01, 2014
Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has lauded the initiative of the Government of Punjab for launching the Apnarozgar Scheme to provide passenger and cargo vans to the unemployed youth (male/female) as it will provide earning opportunities to thousands of youngsters and called upon the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to allocate certain quota for Islamabad Region in the said scheme to provide earning opportunities to the youth of this region.
Muzzamil Hussain Sabri, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that the Apnarozgar scheme has been launched only for the domicile holders of Punjab Province due to which the domicile holders of Islamabad feel deprived of availing this useful scheme and Chief Minister Punjab should seriously consider extending the jurisdiction of this scheme up to Islamabad. 
He said around 60 percent of our country’s population is comprised of youth and it is very important that this huge young talent should be involved in productive activities to accelerate the pace of economic growth. He said due to the lack of a conducive environment for the growth of private sector in the country, job opportunities are shrinking and in these circumstances both federal and provincial governments should consider launching more self-employment and income generating programs to support the youth. 
Muzzamil Sabri said that government should also give top priority and allocate sufficient funds to promote vocational, technical and skills development programs. Such programs will enable the youth to acquire required knowledge & skills, conduct more income generating activities, improve living standards of their families and play a positive role in strengthening the economy as well.