ICCI for implementing zero tolerance policy against adulteration

  • March 07, 2011
Islamabad is the modern capital which would serve as a model in health services, it is high risk area due to mass movement as people coming from different areas of country.

Provision of primary health care services and quality edible items should be the top priority agenda for the government, zero tolerance policy would be adopted against adulteration at ICCI, Tauseef Zaman, Acting President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has said, addressing in the first meeting of “Friends of Public Health Islamabad” organized by Directorate of Health services.

He urged the government to provide some standards on maintaining quality of health, education and food chains for all citizens under effective cost management.

ICCI Acting President said that there was a dire need of organizing health campaigns on all levels to educate people on basic health issues. People and industries related to health services should come forward to boost such awareness program on basis of continuation, he maintained.

Zaman was of the view that Pakistan ranked on the HDI scale was 136, which was very low in life expectancy, adult literacy and gross enrolment as compared to other countries in the region.

He lauded the role of CDA Directorate of Health services for developing and implementing roadmap to addressed public health issues in Islamabad. To attain better, more skilful, efficient and productive human capital resources, governments subsidize the health care facilities for its people, he opinioned.

ICCI Acting President assured full support of ICCI to CDA for improving health of ordinary public, elaborating the point, he added that better health could improve the efficiency and the productivity of the labor force which would ultimately boost the economic growth of the State.

He added that adulteration is a crime and those who involved in this dirty business must be strictly accountable for their deeds. Zaman said that government enforcement agencies should strictly monitor such activities to stop adulteration and help to maintain healthy trend for the safety of the people. He said that special awareness campaigns shall be arranged in Islamabad markets to educate barbers on best health practices.