ICCI for more filtration plants to provide clean drinking water

  • March 23, 2014
Pakistan is facing the problem of paucity of clean drinking water, especially in major cities of the country due to which many water borne diseases including Hepatitis are on the rise. The situation in Islamabad is a little bit better as compared to other areas as CDA has installed water filtration plants in almost every sector. However the condition of these plants is not up to the mark and CDA should install more such plants in all residential areas to provide clean drinking water to the citizens. These views were expressed by Khalid Chaudhry, Acting President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry while addressing a ceremony organized to mark the World Water Day.
He said water to Islamabad is supplied from Simli and Khanpur dams, but it should be ensured that all drinking water reaches houses after its proper filtration to save the residents from water borne diseases. He said CDA had installed a filtration plant in G-10 Sector, but it is not functional. He said millions of rupees have been spent on the installation of filtration plants but due to lack of maintenance, many of the are malfunctioning and unfiltered water is being supplied to the houses, which is the total violation of basic human rights.
Khalid Chaudhry appreciated the approach of Mr. Sanaullah, Member Engineering CDA for taking action against a contractor for not changing filters in some filtration plants after which the situation has improved, but there is more scope for improving the condition of drinking water.
He said Rawalpindi is being supplied  water from Rawal Lake but due to construction of food court near this lake, plenty of people visit the area and all waste goes into the lake polluting its water and the silence of Environment Protection Agency on the account is criminal. He said relevant authorities should ensure supply of pure drinking water to citizens as it is the basic right of human being.