ICCI for promoting remanufacturing industry

  • July 13, 2010
Pakistan is producing huge quantities of scrap in different areas and government should focus on promoting remanufacturing & recycling industry in the country in order to achieve better economic value from scrap material. 

This was said by Mr.Zahid Maqbool, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry in a statement. He said that government should also establish a network of scrap yards in the country that will act as a source of input material for remanufacturing & recycling industry.

He stressed that government should support small and medium sized enterprises in developing remanufacturing and recycling plants. These plants could be set up in different areas including steel, auto, synthetic, plastic, paper & rubber sectors to develop value added products from scrap.

Mr.Zahid Maqbool said that remanufacturing industry also consumes less energy as compared to industrial units. He said according to some estimates, only five per cent energy is required to remelt aluminum than to extract it from the ore. Similarly, steel can be produced much cheaply through re-melting than extraction from the ore.

He said millions of computer accessories and electronic items join scrap dumps and pose a challenge for effective disposal. However, promoting of remanufacturing & recycling industry could easily exploit its scrap to develop products of better value.

ICCI President said that the remanufacturing and recycling industry will also provide a substantial boost to the manufacturing sector and the whole economy in terms of cuts in imports & unemployment and production of cheap products. At the same time it will be an effective way to meet the environmental challenges posed by the generation of scrap and waste. Therefore, government should give due priority to the promotion of this industry, he stressed.