ICCI for simplification of custom procedures for enhancing trading activities

  • January 26, 2013
Pakistan could become major trading country by simplifying its customs procedures and regulations as well as there is also need to reduce rate of custom duties on various item which would ultimately enhance trading activities in the country.

These remarks were made by Mr.Zafar Bakhtawari, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and industry (ICCI) on the occasion of International Custom Day. Mr.Nadir Khan Hoti, Chief Custom Collector and Mr.Imtiaz Ahmed Khan, Custom Collector and Mian Akram Farid, Former President ICCI and Chairman Dry-Port Committee were also present on the occasion. 
He said that the Pakistan Customs played an important role in smooth conduct of cross-border trade, prevention of smuggling and other illegal trading activities. He said the department should improve transparency in its operation and reduce the processing time of import and export documents as per international standard by employing latest technology and modern processing methods.
Mr.Bakhtawari said that the Custom department should also facilitate industrialization and provide a friendly service environment by simplifying custom procedures by removing system complications. He said that local importers and exporters have some serious reservations about custom procedures which could be lessen by easing these regulations and procedures.
Commenting upon the geographical location of Pakistan, President ICCI said that Pakistan is a gateway to South & Central Asia and Middle East, therefore, Custom department should also play its role for making Pakistan a major trading hub.
He cited the example of Dubai and Singapore, who strengthen their economies by improving their trading activities, therefore, President ICCI urged all the Custom officials to play their dynamic role for easing the custom system in our country and make Pakistan a major trading country within the region.
Mr.Bakhtawari said that Pakistan Custom department should realize the objectives of observing the International Customs Day and review steps for promoting customs cooperation in the interest of international trade.