ICCI for think-tank to strategize economic uplift

  • May 01, 2013
Private sector could achieve set milestone of economic targets, therefore a favourable and conducive business environment should be provided to the business community to build their confidence which would help to pull the wheel of economy and acceleration of trade and investment in the country.
These remarks were made by Mr.Zafar Bakhtawari, President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) at the inaugural ceremony of Vehari Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Mr.Bakhtawari and Mr.Munawar Mughal, former president of ICCI were the chief guests of the occasion. 
ICCI President said that establishment of Vehari Chamber of Commerce & Industry would definitely accelerate and flourish business activities in the south Punjab and also expressed hope that this Chamber would play its pivotal role with the collaboration of all Chambers and Trade Associations for the promotion of trade and industry and for the uplift and economic development of this area.
Mr.Zafar Bakhtawari, President ICCI said that Government through continued dialogue process with the participation of public and private sectors representatives must evolve concrete solutions for sustainable development in the country. He said that through formation of think-tank with public private partnership, solution of a number of problems can be found.
Mr.Bakhtawari said that close liaison among all chambers of commerce and industry of the country is vital to raise a united voice of business community.  There must be continued process of table talks between the representatives of public and private sector and the government should give weightage to the voice of the private sector, which is the main engine of economic growth, he maintained.
Mr.Bakhtawari said that business community is the real stakeholder of this country that contributes 42 percent to total sales tax collections and pays 38 percent of total income tax. Therefore, they should be given due representation in government decision-making bodies for formulating business friendly economic policies and to recognize their role, he added.
Hafiz Mehmood Ahmed Shad, President Vehari Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that establishment of this chamber would foster the growth of more than 200 ginning factories in this area as well as he stressedupon the value addition of textile products.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Munawar Mughal, President former president ICCI said that Pakistan is blessed with enormous opportunities and resources, but due to mismanagement, problems are compounding by the day. At this critical situation, the government should react fast to save the country from going into more troubles and should start a thorough consultation process with all stakeholders.