ICCI urges upcoming Government for establishing industrial estate in Potohar region

  • May 17, 2013
A delegation of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce led by its President, Mr.Zafar Bakhtawari have a meeting with Maj.(R) Tahir Iqbal and congratulated him on winning election from District Chakwal as member of National Assembly in recent Elections.
Maj.(R) Tahir Iqbal said that he would take all possible steps for further development of Chakwal as it is an important district of Pothohar Region. He also assured his support to Islamabad Chamber for establishing Industrial Estate in Chakwal which would bring prosperity, reduce poverty and create plenty of job opportunities for the people of this area.
He said that his main priority would be to promote business activities in this district by facilitating the growth of private enterprises which would create multiple benefits for this area as well as for the country’s economy.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Zafar Bakhtawari, President ICCI said that upcoming Government should give serious consideration to establishing an Industrial Estate at Nila Dullah on Chakwal Motorway to facilitate the growth of industrial activities. He said that Chakwal is very rich in mineral resources including limestone, coal, rock salt and marble etc. which have good commercial potential. He said that availability of proposed industrial estate would pave the way for exploitation of these resources.  
Mr.Bakhtawari was of the view that due to saturation of current industrial estates and non-availability of a new industrial estate in Islamabad, many investors of Potohar region were shifting to other places, thus new Government should provide its support for setting up of a new industrial estate in this region.
ICCI president said that the new government should have good economic experts and finance managers as well as he expressed hop that the new government would overcome the burning issues of electricity and gas crises, declining foreign exchange reserves and high cost of doing business.
He said that focus on development and infrastructure should be the primary responsibility of the new government and employment generation from private sector also needs to be ensured. He said that the business community is optimistic that the energy crisis will be resolved under the new leadership.
Mr.Munawar Mughal, Former President ICCI, Sahibzada Abdul Quddus, President, Chakwal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI), Mr.Khuram kamran, Vice President CCCI and other senior members of Islamabad Chamber ware also present on the occasion.