ICCI welcomes resumption of Pak-India dialogue process

  • February 04, 2010
Businessmen in a meeting at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry welcomed the resumption of Pak-India dialogue process and termed it a highly positive step which could unleash many benefits for the people of both countries.

They said both countries are endowed with plenty of human and natural resources and they should establish an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence to harness these resources for strengthening their economies and uplifting the living standard of their people.

Zahid Maqbool, President ICCI chairing the meeting said that peaceful and friendly relations between India and Pakistan are essential to promote bilateral trade and economic relations and to exploit the full potential of each other’s comparative advantage in different fields.

He said there are vast untapped trade and investment possibilities between the two countries which can be gainfully exploited with significant welfare gains and opportunities to alleviate poverty and strengthen human security. Therefore, the two neighbors need to take proactive measures to exploit untapped areas of economic cooperation.

He said the people of both countries share common culture and traditions while a common border gives both countries additional advantage to enhance many times the current level of bilateral trade. However, he said that peace between the two countries is the basic condition to realize these common objectives.

The businessmen said that it is the age of economic collaboration & competition and many regions have made big strides to promote trade by establishing regional block. However, South Asia is still considered a least integrated region due to which it is way behind in economic progress.

They were of the view that stronger economic relations between India and Pakistan will not only prove beneficial for both, it will contribute significantly in promoting regional integration and stability in South Asia.