Islamabad Administration to allocate separate place for protests-Mahfooz Elahi

  • March 19, 2011
In the Federal Capital, businesses greatly suffer during the protest campaigns at important places and markets.

On the issue of Ramond Davis people from different walks of life including religions and political parties and representatives of the civil society lodged protests in the Aabpara Market and very badly affected the business activities in the market, said Mahfooz Elahi President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry while talking to the representatives of the traders of different markets.

He demanded that Islamabad Administration should take serious action on this very critical issue and allocate a separate place to allow the people to lodge peaceful protests.

President said that civilized nations raise their voice in a controlled manner and special places are allocated to them to record their grievances, whereas in Pakistan uncontrolled people move towards markets and important places and do massive destructions breaking glasses of shops, burning national assets, vehicles and tyres.

Elahi said that these protests badly affect the business and create problems for the general public. He said that police also places barriers and obstacles to shop the way of protestors, and this action creates troubles for the people who have to travel from those routes to reach their destinations. In this situation, even customers are reluctant to go in the markets for shopping and to buy necessary items of daily use.

Mahfooz said that already business activity is extremely down due to multiple problems and protests in the markets, further add to problems for the business community.

He especially appealed to the political and religious parties to avoid assembling in the Aabpara market for protests and proposed to the administration for allocating a separate and special place far away from the markets and important public places, where people could be allowed protests in a controlled manner.

President said that ICCI has also written letters to Chief Commissioner Islamabad and Chairman CDA to take up this important issue.