Members to renew membership of ICCI up till 31st March, 2011-Mahfooz Elahi

  • March 15, 2011
In a meeting at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI), it was informed that membership of ICCI would be renewed for Corporate & Associate Class of membership up till March 31, 2011.

It was further informed that notices for the renewal of membership have been sent to members through courier service and emails, renewal notice was also uploaded on its website;

It was advised that to members should renew their membership within the stipulated time to avoid any inconvenience.

Mahfooz Elahi, President ICCI said that ICCI has been passing information to members on different business leads and participation in international trade fairs and exhibition to promote Pakistan’s trade with the countries on the globe. He added that information about trade inquires and exhibition was also available on the website of the chamber, which was updated on regular basis.

He said that ICCI ensures to pass on information to members through email.

Elahi said that Chamber highly values the input and feedback of the members and was of the view that on receipt of concrete suggestions and proposals regarding upcoming budget, interest of the business community could be well-projected.