More Courtrooms should not be established in F-8 Markaz-Yassar Sakhi Butt

  • March 14, 2012
The plan of increasing the number of courtrooms in F-8 Markaz Islamabad for the lawyers and additional judges is completely an imprudent decision by the concerned authorities.

Yassar Sakhi Butt, President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) made these remarks, while criticizing the decision of Islamabad Development Working Party (IDWP) for approving huge funds for the construction of more courtrooms in F-8 Markaz. He said that landlords of the commercial properties are already suffering due to illegal occupations by the lawyers in around the Markaz, so much so they have not even spared the graveyard area located on the east side of F-8 Markaz.

ICCI President stressed upon the local administration of Federal Capital to shift the courts from the centre of posh residential sector that would give a sign of relief to the landlords and the residents of the locality.

He was expressing concern over the decision of Islamabad Development Working Party for approving a project costing Rs8.784 million relating to the establishment of courtrooms and urged the Chairman CDA, Chief Commissioner Islamabad and other concerned bodies to look into this matter.

Yassar Sakhi Butt was of the view that residential community has been facing the problems of traffic nuisance, waste mismanagement and chocked sewerage, parking issues and deteriorating law and order situation. He said that customers were not able to approach the market because of placement of various security hurdles adjacent to the court premises.

He said that Landlords of F-8 Markaz were suffering for the last more than 20 years and the current decision of IDWP related to establishment of more courtrooms would add woes to their problems.

ICCI President emphasized upon the concerned authorities to shift the courts from F-8 Markaz on priority basis rather than establishing more court buildings for lawyers and judges as these arrangements were already creating predicament for the residents of the sector and visitors to the commercial area.