Pakistan will provide construction material to Maldives without quota-Tauseef Zaman / Pakistani counterparts should bring their products to Maldivian markets-First Vice President Maldives Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • June 25, 2011
Large business groups across the world are enhancing trade relation with Maldives. Investors from America, Europe, India and Sri Lanka are investing in the tourism industry of Maldives while various resorts have been constructed which are facilitating the tourists coming from all over the world. Government is promoting low cost tourism facilities to attract budget travelers. Pakistani investors may invest in guest houses and 2-3 stars hotels, where 70 percent occupancy is guaranteed, Ismail Asif, First Vice President, Maldives Chamber of Commerce & Industry has made these remarks while welcoming the delegation led by Muhammad Tauseef Zaman, Vice President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI).

He said that tourism, fisheries and construction sectors of Maldives have tremendous opportunities of investment. He said that Pakistani investors should come and start joint ventures with Maldivian counterparts.

First Vice President, Maldives Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that Pakistan has best quality rice which has great demand in Maldives, it should also introduce other products in the Maldivian market. We import all food and non-food items to serve out guests from the entire world. Recently, a Pakistani group installed a cement packaging plant in the Maldives, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Tauseef Zaman, Vice President ICCI said that Maldives is a Country with 100 percent Muslim population who eager to cooperate and collaborate with Pakistan in all sectors of trade and industry. He said that the affection and friendliness of Maldivian people was unforgettable.

He outlined the great potential of Pakistani exports to Maldives in many areas. He said that Maldives imports from Pakistan were $6 million that could be further improved by increasing bilateral trade and exploring different trade areas.

He said that it was unjustified to avert the development of a nation through quota. He said that Pakistan would provide construction material to Maldives without quota. He said that we were intended to organize a exhibition where all the Pakistani products would be showcased.

He said that we would support Maldives not only in the fields of tourism, fisheries and construction sector but also provide technical assistance.