TDAP to facilitate business community for improving exports-S.M Munir

  • July 08, 2014
Private sector has to take the leading role for improving the economy of Pakistan and TDAP will provide all possible support & cooperation to businessmen for promoting exports, said S.M. Munir,  Chief Executive, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. He was speaking at an Iftar Dinner hosted in his honor by Mr. Abdul Rauf Alam, Chairman, ICCI Founder and former President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry. A large number of business community attended the event.
He said the present government is determined to put the economy on right track, toward sustainable economic growth and the business community should play its role in facilitating the government in its efforts to make Pakistan a strong economy. He said TDAP sees great potential in regional trade, including with India. TDAP plans to provide Pakistani businessmen and women every opportunity available to promote exports. TDAP will organize an Expo in India in September this year while another Expo will be organized at Karachi and major buyers and business houses will be invited from across the globe. 
He said GSP Plus by EU has given private sector lot of opportunities to improve exports and businessmen should take full advantage of this concession. He said TDAP encourages to send genuine business persons to potential markets and countries to be able to explore new avenues of business promotion, and possible new export potential for Pakistan.
Iftikhar Ali Malik, Vice President, SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry stressed that Pakistani businessmen should focus on promoting trade with SAARC countries as there is a huge intra-trade potential trade in SAARC Region.
Mr. Abdul Rauf Alam, Chairman Founder Group termed the appointment of Mr. SM Munir as Chief Executive of TDAP a great measure of confidence in him by the current government as a real representative of the business community, who understands what it takes to realize the true exports potential of Pakistan.
Mr. Munawar Mughal, Vice President, FPCCI said Pakistan direly needs to promote trade with regional countries as there is a huge potential for trade in this region. He hoped that TDAP will facilitate businessmen in achieving these goals. 
Shaban Khalid, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry appreciated the government for appointing a most credible business leader as the Chief Executive of TDAP and said his appointment was a source of great strength for business community. He said with him at the helm of affairs at TDAP, the business community remains confident that the true purpose of TDAP’s establishment, which is to promote exports of Pakistan, will finally be realized.