Working class should be exempted from Flood Surcharge – Mahfooz Elahi

  • March 22, 2011
Economy of the country needs to be strengthened by taking corrective and timely measures and also by giving attention to solve the aggravating problems of the business community and the common people to save it from further damage.

Forceful implementation of taxes increases problems and unilateral decision of the Government forgetting Flood Relief Surcharge would put further burden especially on the salaried segment, which was already under a tremendous economic pressure due to unprecedented hike in the daily consumable items and uncontrolled inflation, said Mahfooz Elahi President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce.

Working class was in difficultly in meeting the daily necessary requirements and levying flood surcharge was not a justified action by the government. At the time of food people of Pakistan responded positively like at the time of massive earthquake and extended great financial and material support to the people in need, he said.

A large number of people were still contributing for the rehabilitation of affected and opinioned that Government curtailing its own unnecessary expenditure should generate resources to help the poor.

President ICCI said that government has not prepared any contingency plan to reduce the impact of such natural disasters; eventually poor people have to suffer a big material and financial loss. He said that a massive earthquake hit Japan but due to excellent design and planning all buildings remained intact, likewise strict laws should be enforced to avoid risks and reduce destructions.

He was of the view that Government must adopt positive measures to collect taxes and to create trust of the people. Tax department should review its taxation system and through rationalization of taxes and consultative process with the business community device a mechanism to increase tax base and revenues, he stressed.

Elahi said that Government must reconsider its decision of taking flood surcharge and emphasized that especially working class must be exempted from it. He further expressed that forceful implementation of unnecessary taxes would discourage the existing taxpayers and bringing more people in the tax net.