ICCI President for immediate promulgation of rent control act in Islamabad to avoid rent disputes

  • February 23, 2009
Traders Welfare Association of Aabpara Market gave a welcome reception in honor of newly elected President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mian Shaukat Masud, Vice Presidents Shaban Khalid & Muhammad Ishtiaq Qureshi, Chairman Founder Group Khalid Javed, ICCI former President Munawar Mughal and others in which large number of ICCI members and representatives of business community participated. The guests were given a warm reception and garlanded on their arrival.

 Speaking on the occasion, Mian Shaukat Masud, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry thanked Aabpara Market Traders Welfare Association members for giving them such a warm reception and said that he and all members of his team have assumed this important responsibility with a mission to work for the welfare of traders and industrialists and they will leave no stone unturned to strive for the resolution of business community problems. He said business community is playing a key role in the development of national economy and government should pay attention to their problems for finding out their optimum solutions. He said promulgation of Rent Control Act in Islamabad is a long overdue issue and urged upon the local administration as well as the federal government to immediately promulgate this act in Islamabad to cope with the rising trend of rent disputes between owners and tenants.
ICCI President said that Islamabad Chamber of Commerce doors are open for traders and industrialists all the time and they should get ICCI membership to provide strong support to ICCI in promoting their interests. He said that crude oil price in international market has tumbled down to below US$ 46 per barrel now while the recent cut in petrol, diesel and kerosene prices is insufficient to provide real relief to the common man. He said WAPDA had promised that with the reduction of oil prices in international market, electricity tariff will also be brought down, but this promise is still unfulfilled and stressed upon the need of rationalizing power tariff in commensurate with reduction in oil prices.
Addressing the gathering, ICCI Founder Group Chairman Khalid Javed said that as per Founder Group policy, Chamber does not interfere in the affairs of markets; rather we have adopted a cooperative approach to work for business community interests with unity. He said by giving them warm welcome reception, Aabpara Traders Welfare Association has set a good tradition to promote mutual cooperation. He said ICCI has now emerged as a strong institution to serve the cause of business community and emphasized that all businessmen of Aabpara and other markets should get membership of ICCI. He lauded the leadership qualities of Mr. Ajmal Baloch, Organizing Secretary of Traders Action Committee, Islamabad.
Munawar Mughal, Chairman FPCCI Islamabad Office and former ICCI President speaking on the occasion said that it was not so easy to represent and work for the interests of business community as one has to sacrifice lot of time, business and other activities. He said Traders Action Committee, Islamabad has got the best leader in the form of Mr. Ajmal Baloch who has all the qualities of a good leader. He said that a campaign will be launched for resolving the residential problems of businessmen in Islamabad and efforts will be made to construct multi-storey buildings in commercial centers of Islamabad by getting land for this purpose to sell these to businessmen on no profit no loss basis.
Speaking on the occasion, Organizing Secretary of Traders Action Committee and President of Traders Welfare Association of Aabpara Market Ajmal Baloch said that Pakistan is currently facing many external and internal challenges while business community will fully support and stand by the government in this hour of need. He said many elements always try to create differences between the Chamber and the traders but hoped that the present ICCI leadership would work with a mission to work for the welfare of all traders and industrialists without any biasness.
ICCI former President Mian Akram Farid, newly elected Vice Presidents Shaban Khalid & Muhammad Ishtiaq Qureshi, Chairman Aabpara Market Abdul Majeed Abbasi, Press Secretary of Traders Action Committee Khalid Mahmood Chaudhry, President of Melody Market Salahuddin Khan, General Secretary of Aabpara Market Shafiq Abbasi, Super Market President Sarfraz Mughal, F-10 Markaz President Tahir Abbasi, Secretary General of G-10 Markaz Sardar Abid, President Muslim League (N) Traders Wing Sheikh Jamshed and newly elected ICCI Executive Members also addressed the meeting and assured their full support for the resolution of business community problems.