New German Visa Information System

  • October 30, 2015
Dear Member,
We are appending below information about the new Visa Information System received from the German Embassy, Islamabad taking effect from November 2, 2015:-
“Frequent traveler status according to the Schengen Visa Codex:
Is a person who travelled 2 times to Schengen countries within last 24 months with 2 short term visas OR A person who travelled 1 time to Schengen countries within last 24 months with a long term visa and used it lawfully.
A frequent traveler does not need to book an appointment BUT has to appear in person starting from 2nd November 2015 to provide his fingerprints.
Please note that an applicant who booked the appointment with the wrong passport number OR does not bring the booking confirmation email will be sent back and cannot have access to the Visa Section. He/she has to book a new appointment.
Please prepare your visa application properly and make sure that you submit complete documents in the respective order and with the necessary photocopies attached.
See the attached lists of documents and our website for further information.
Please bring the complete documents in the respective order and with the photocopies attached to avoid a long waiting time and queuing for the photocopies and preparation of documents.
The applicant is responsible for the submission of the necessary documents and will be sent away if documents are missing or if the photographs are older than 3 months and not proper biometric ones (no photo shop treatment please!) and has to book a new appointment.
The Embassy does NOT grant special appointments to exhibit in or visit a fair or exhibition because the respective dates of the fairs are confirmed and fixed many months before! The applicant is responsible to submit the application well in advance, maximum 3 months before the departure.”
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Majid Shabbir
Secretary General