CBI study on E-business in the castings and forgings industry

  • December 24, 2019
In April 2007, CBI published an exploratory study on the use of e-business in the castings and forgings industry. One of the main conclusions was that almost 30% of EU buyers intended to use e-marketplaces to do business with SME suppliers from developing countries. Joining relevant e-marketplaces could therefore prove to be really worth-wile.

Other findings of the 2007 study included the importance of: search engine marketing, links on other websites, fast and adequate e-mail follow-up, the use of e-CRM, electronic transaction processing and the use of a ‘purchase partner application form’ to introduce yourself to new customers.

This eGuide serves as a follow-up to these and other conclusions, to inform you of the latest developments and to give you practical tips on how you can profit from them.

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