ICCI President for proper grooming of young talent to exploit their potential for boosting the econo

  • February 23, 2009

Pakistan is endowed with plenty of promising young talent as around 70 percent of our population is under 30 years age and this is a huge human resource waiting for being exploited for fast developing the country by providing them modern training and developing their skills according to the requirement of domestic market and employment requirements in the Middle East, Gulf States as well as emerging economies like Malaysia, South Korea and development economies. Therefore, government should make a comprehensive strategy to equip this young and brimming talent with latest technical training and skills development so that they could play an effective role in boosting the economy and taking the country to fast track development. This was stated by Mian Shaukat Masud, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a statement.

ICCI President said by grooming its young talent, Pakistan can not only avail the services of a trained and professionally developed manpower, it can be placed in an enviable position to export technically developed and skilled human resource without facing any serious problem of brain drain to boost remittances, economy, alleviate poverty and set pace for entrepreneurship in the country by expatriates. He said in the past Pakistan has been exporting unskilled and semi skilled human resource, however, in recent years the requirement of manpower import has changed drastically in most of the Middle East, Gulf States, and emerging economies as well as in developed economies. He said now they need technically skilled and professional manpower to meet requirement of their expanding economies and this situation creates tremendous opportunities for Pakistan to enhance its manpower export by developing them according to modern requirements.  He said in order to fully benefit from economic opportunity in the not distant future; the government should make human resource development a national project with huge investment to be executed on priority basis.
Mian Shaukat Masud said remittances provide immense value to our national economy and strengthen our foreign exchange reserves. He said according to some estimates, expatriate Pakistanis have sent about $35 billion over the past seven years remitting an average rate of $ 5 billion per year while during the last fiscal year an amount of $6 billion were remitted and added that Pakistan can sufficiently increase this amount by enhancing export of technically sound and professionally developed people.  He said export of manpower on a large scale creates many benefits to the economy because it provides job opportunities, alleviates poverty and becomes a good source of earning forex and helping economy.