Memorandum & Articles of Association of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • The name of the Association shall be Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • The registered Office of Chamber shall be situated at Islamabad in the Islamabad Capital Territory.
  • The aims and objects for which Chamber is formed are:-
    • to advance, develop, protect, safeguard and promote the rights, interests and privileges of the traders, industrialists and service providers in the Islamabad Capital Territory;
    • to organize individuals, firms, companies and corporations engaged in various Trades, Industries and services in the area (Islamabad Capital Territory – Urban and Rural) covered by it by enrolling them as its Members;
    • to inculcate, foster and stimulate the spirit of mutual self help on principles of co-operation and co-ordination among Members of the Chamber;
    • to diffuse among the Members information affecting trade, industry, services and commerce through print and electronic media, establishment of television station, to collect, print, publish, issue and circulate newspapers, bulletins, periodicals, books on statistics and such other publications as may be deemed to be conducive to the objects of the Chamber;
    • to render technical, managerial supervisory and advisory assistance to the Members;
Memorandum & Articles of Association