Export Processing Zones Authority is a Pakistan Government venture conceived and designed to increase and improve the exports of the country.

Its main objectives are accelerating the pace of industrialization in the country and enhancing the volume of exports by creating an enabling environment for investors to initiate ambitious export- oriented projects in the Zones which would, as a corollary, create job opportunities, bring in new technology and attract foreign investment.

The EPZA is pursuing an extensive program to create a network of export processing zones in Pakistan. These EPZs are being established in close cooperation or under joint venture arrangements with the private sector.

How Export Processing Zones Facilitates you?

Export Processing Zones are committed to create a conducive environment for the investors to prosper their trade and industrial pursuits. In line of its commitment, it facilitates you with:

  • Developed land on competitive rates for 30 years
  • Duty-free import of machinery, equipment and materials
  • Freedom from national import regulations
  • Exchange control regulations of Pakistan not applicable
  • Repatriation of capital and profits
  • No sales tax on input goods including electricity/gas bills
  • Duty-free vehicles allowed under certain conditions
  • Domestic market available to the extent of 20%. Exceptions may be available
  • Presumptive tax @ 1%
  • Only EPZA is authorized to collect Presumptive Tax at the time of export of goods which would be final tax liability
  • Obsolete/old machines can be sold in domestic market of Pakistan after payment of applicable duties & taxes
  • Defective goods/waste can be sold in domestic market after payment of applicable duties, maximum up-to 3% of total value
  • EPZ units allowed to supply goods to Custom manufacturing bonds

List of Export Processing Zones in Pakistan:

  • Karachi Export Processing Zone, Karachi, Sindh

  • Risalpur Export Processing Zone, Risalpur

  • Sialkot Export Processing Zone, Sialkot, Punjab

  • Gujranwala Export Processing Zone, Gujranwala, Punjab