Mission Statement

As the premier Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Northern Region with national and international linkage, ICCI shall continue to enhance its leadership role by being proactive and providing quality services to its members and to act as a catalyst for rapid economic development in this region through promotion of trade, industry, services sector, youth entrepreneurship culture and women economic empowerment.

Vision Statement

To make ICCI a leading and role model trade organization in the country taking growth-oriented initiatives and adopting best international practices for the promotion of trade, industry and services sector.


Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) was established in 1984 and incorporated under the Companies Act VII of 1913 on 26 th August, 1984 as a Limited Company by Guarantee. Its registered office is situated in Islamabad and its jurisdiction encompasses the entire Federal Capital Area (urban and rural). The Chamber is affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) an apex body of Chambers & Associations at the national level which is a member of the international Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The affairs of the Chamber are looked after by an elected Executive Committee headed by the President and assisted by two Vice Presidents. The administrative matters are dealt with by the Secretary General. Sub-Committees are formed by the Executive Committee to formulate proposals and recommendations for the consideration of relevant stakeholder organizations. The main areas covered by these sub-committees include trade promotion, industrial & SME development through local and foreign trade investment, income tax & sales tax customs, banking & finance, energy efficiency and conservation, environment, tourism promotion, youth, and women economic empowerment, etc.

Forum Of Interaction For Business Community

  • It operates through Executive Committee and sub-committees to pool knowledge and experience for the overall benefit of the business community.
  • It provides a common platform for interaction between the representatives of industry, trade and services with the elected leadership, foreign diplomats, senior government officials, both of the federal and provincial, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders.
  • It gives recommendations to the government on the trade and investment-related policies and to raise the voice of its members from trade, industry and services sector at relevant forums in order to draw the attention of policymakers for creating a conducive business environment for ease of doing business.
  • It highlights issues of the business community through press and electronic media and draws the attention of the government for taking measures for the promotion of trading, investment, exports and economic activities.
  • For trade development, it regularly organizes B2B meetings of members with foreign business delegations on their visit to the chamber. Likewise, ICCI business delegations visit foreign exhibitions, trade fairs and business houses for developing linkage with foreign counterparts.
  • It regularly interacts with foreign diplomats in Pakistan and our missions abroad for promoting bilateral trade and economic relations.
  • It organizes various training programs, seminars, conferences and workshops for enhancing skills in various fields and sectors.
  • It promotes entrepreneurship culture and takes initiatives for youth entrepreneurship development and women’s economic empowerment.

ICCI Representation

ICCI has representation at various Government Advisory Boards, committees and academia. At these forums Chamber highlights issues of trade, industry and services sectors and gives them recommendations for policy reforms and to take measures for promoting trading, industrial and services sector activities by creating an environment for ease of doing business.