Chairman CDA announces the start major development works in industrial areas of Islamabad

  • March 28, 2021
A delegation of local industrialists and trade representatives led by Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) held a meeting with Amir Ali Ahmed, Chairman CDA and apprised him of the key issues of industrial areas in Islamabad along with other development issues in the federal capital. Ms. Fatma Azim Senior Vice President, Abdul Rehman Khan Vice President ICCI, Mian Akram Farid Chairman Founder Group, Abdul Rauf Alam, Convener ICCI CDA Committee, Tariq Sadiq President Islamabad Industrial Association, Muhammad Ahmed former President ICCI and Omais Khattak Executive Board Member ICCI were part of the delegation. Syed Munawar Shah Member Engineering and Faisal Naeem Director (Technical) were also present in the meeting.
Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, President ICCI said that the CDA Board in its meeting held in August 2020 had recommended the rationalization of lease extension fee for industrial plots @ Rs. 100,000/- per kanal, but the decision was not implemented as yet due to which industrial growth and expansion was facing problems since investors were uncertain about the outcome of the policy. He urged that CDA should approach the National Coordination Committee on Housing, Construction & Development (NCCHCD) for endorsement of this decision so that it could be implemented to facilitate the lease renewals of industrial plots. He also highlighted the severity of parking issues in the local markets of Islamabad and stressed that CDA should auction plots for construction of multi storey parking plazas across Islamabad to address this longstanding issue. These parking plazas can be built on BOT basis and would also help generate additional revenue for CDA. Sardar Yasir emphasised that CDA must further improve street lights, sewerage systems, waste management and development of public toilets across all main areas of Islamabad.
Ms. Fatma Azim Senior Vice President, Abdul Rehman Khan Vice President ICCI, Mian Akram Farid Chairman Founder Group, Tariq Sadiq President Islamabad Industrial Association and Muhammad Ahmed former President ICCI said that during Covid-19, SBP had launched refinance schemes for industries at low credit cost, but without lease renewal of industrial plots, banks were not extending these schemes to industries. They urged that CDA should expedite the implementation of its Board decision for lease renewals of industrial plots @ Rs.100,000/- per kanal as the SBP schemes were expiring by April 30 of this year. They said that industrial areas needed carpeting of roads, repair of footpaths and restoration of streetlights and urged that CDA should address these issues on priority basis. Abdul Rauf Alam Convener ICCI CDA Committee highlighted the issues of carpeting, parking and encroachments in Super Market, Jinnah Super, F-10 Markaz, G-9 Markaz and Blue Area and emphasized that CDA should address them.
Addressing the ICCI delegation, Amir Ali Ahmed, Chairman CDA assured that development works in I-9 and I-10 industrial would be started before Ramadan that would address the highlighted issues. He said that he would write a letter to NCCHCD for early endorsement of CDA Board decision regarding lease renewals of industrial plots. He said that plots for parking plazas have been identified in Blue Area, F-10 Markaz and other markets and CDA would soon auction them for construction of parking plazas in markets. He said that CDA has allocated a budget of Rs.375 million for the development of Kahuta Industrial Triangle and development works would be started in April this year. In addition to this he confirmed the allocation of plots for a dispensary and mosque in the industrial areas and assured that base work has already been done while carpeting and concreting of roads in the industrial areas would be done in the coming days. He further stated that CDA would construct 300 public toilets in markets and would hand over them to ICCI for their maintenance and operation in coordination with concerned market associations. He said that the PWD under pass and Koral bridge projects would be completed by September this year. He also said that Margalla bypass project and carpeting of IGP road would also be started soon. He stated that a ring road from Margalla via GT Road upto Murree Road would also be constructed to address the traffic issues of the twin cities. He further shared that many other initiatives of CDA for the better development of the city and appreciated ICCI for cooperating with the civic body for addressing key issues of business community including removal of encroachments. He also confirmed that subsequent to joint visits conducted by Chairman CDA and President ICCI several developments works were already underway across the entire Capital which included carpeting of roads, upgradation of street lights, parks, landscaping and development of communal areas within markets.