Govt to review agreement with IPPs, All Pakistan Chambers Presidents Conference Declaration

  • June 28, 2024
The All Pakistan Chambers Presidents' Conference has issued a landmark declaration outlining a comprehensive roadmap for the country's economic growth and development.The declaration, endorsed by business leaders from across Pakistan, calls on the government to Review agreements with Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Prioritize industrial development and regional trade promotion.

It is further stated in the declaration that Gov should provide a better business environment and simplify tax collection procedures.Establish industrial parks and provide electricity to industries at a reasonable tariff.Promote digital transformation and provide duty-free status for IT equipment.

Offer easy loans for industries and incentivize exporters.The conference emphasized the need for strategic planning and collective efforts to achieve a tax revenue target of Rs 10,950 billion and a GDP growth rate of 3.6%.

President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ahsan Bakhtawari, hailed the conference declaration as a landmark document that embodies the collective thinking of the nationwide business community and charts a new course for the country's economic trajectory.

He vowed to tirelessly advocate for the conference's recommendations, ensuring they reach every pivotal decision-making platform, including the government. He urged the government to acknowledge and integrate the business community's proposals into policymaking, fostering a collaborative approach to drive economic growth and prosperity.