ICCI hosts Iftan Dinner to Bid Farewell to outgoing DC Islamabad

  • April 20, 2022
Islamabad ( ) The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) in collaboration with Islamabad Catering Association and Islamabad Restaurants Association hosted an Iftar Dinner to bid farewell to Hamza Shafqaat, outgoing Deputy Commissioner, Islamabad. Khalid Iqbal Malik Chairman Founder Group, former Presidents, Executive Members ICCI and a large number of business community of the twin cities attended the event. Speaking at the occasion, Muhammad Shakeel Munir, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry paid tribute to the services of Hamza Shafqaat as Deputy Commissioner Islamabad for the facilitation of business community and the citizens of the federal capital. He said that Hamza Shafqaat had always cooperated with ICCI in resolving the administration related key issues of the business community, which was laudable. He said that whenever, business community faced any problem during Covid-19 pandemic or at any other time, Hamza Shafqaat came forward with a helping hand to facilitate the business community in addressing their issues. He said that the business community would always remember his cooperative approach and expressed best wishes for him in his future assignments. Addressing the Iftar Dinner, Hamza Shafqaat, outgoing Deputy Commissioner Islamabad said that the business community was playing an important role in the economic development of the country and it was the responsibility of the ICT Administration to facilitate them in business development. He said that he had developed good understanding with ICCI, industrial & market associations, other trade bodies and always tried to resolve the major issues of the business community by taking the stakeholders on board. He said that during Covid-19 pandemic, ICCI worked closely with the ICT Administration to distribute ration to the deserving people and for the vaccination of business community due to which the businesses were saved from great losses. He thanked ICCI and other collaborators for hosting an Iftar Dinner in his honor and appreciated their good gesture. Jamshaid Akhtar Sheikh Senior Vice President, Muhammad Faheem Khan Vice President ICCI, Khalid Iqbal Malik Chairman Founder Group, Salman Ashraf President Islamabad Catering Association, Khurram Khan President Islamabad Restaurants Association, Luqman Ali Afzal CEO Monal and others also spoke at the occasion and paid tribute to the services of Hamza Shaqfaat for the business community and the citizens of Islamabad and also expressed best wishes for him.