IDB to support Pakistan in economic growth and social uplift-Dr. Bander Hajjar

  • May 07, 2019
H.E. Dr. Bander M.H. Hajjar, President, Islamic Development Bank said that IDB Group’s relationship with Pakistan spanned over 40 years during which the Group has supported the sustainable and inclusive development in the country and it would continue to support Pakistan in economic growth and social uplift. He was interacting with local business community at a dinner hosted by Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry in his honor.
Dr. Bander Hajjar said that IDB wanted to support Pakistan in the areas of science, technology, innovation, value chains, economic empowerment and public-private partnerships in order to contribute to the implemented of roadmap launched recently by the Government of Pakistan. He also shared with business community a new development model, set out in his new book “The Road to the SDG’s: A New Business Model for a Fast-Changing World”, that was launched at the 2019 IsDBG Annual Meeting.
Speaking at the occasion, Ahmed Hassan Moughal, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry welcomed H.E. Dr. Bander Hajjar and his delegation to Pakistan. He said IDB Group has provided a total financing of $12.43 billion for various development projects in Pakistan in the past which showed its crucial role for our economy. He said IDB Goupr was also financing some key projects in Pakistan like Neelum Jhelum Hydro Power Project, Jamshoro Power Station and CASA 1000 project that would improve energy situation and meet energy needs of our industry leading to better industrialization and investment promotion.  
Meanwhile a delegation of IDB Group visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry to discuss the financing needs of local business community in various projects that would expand their businesses and further strengthen SME sector. The representatives of Islamic Corporation for the Development of Private Sector (ICD), International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), Islamic Corporation for Insurance and Export Credit (ICIEC) and Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) were in the delegation. The delegation showed interest to set up a joint fund with ICCI for supporting SMEs and innovators in business development and growth.
Rafat Farid Senior Vice President ICCI, Khalid Javed, Tariq Sadiq, Khalid Iqbal Malik, Sheikh Amir Waheed, Mohsin Khalid, Shaban Khalid, Khalid Malik, Muhammad Ahmed and others discussed various projects with the delegation that could be financed by the IDB Group.