SSP Traffic assures to address traffic issues in business areas

  • November 17, 2023
SSP Traffic Police Islamabad Muhammad Sarfraz Virk along with SP Chaudhry Abid and DSP Tariq Mehmood visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) and discussed various options with the business community to control the traffic issues in the Capital.

Speaking on the occasion, Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that traffic accidents are increasing, so a police-citizen committee should be formed to work together to address this issue. He said that appropriate measures should be taken to tackle the issues of overspeed and violation of traffic rules. Minor children should be banned from driving, seat belts should be strictly enforced, one-wheeling and other violations of traffic rules should be curbed, which will reduce accidents and improve the traffic system in the city. He said that Islamabad is expanding rapidly and the current traffic police force is proving insufficient. IG Police Islamabad should increase the strength of traffic police to control the traffic issues in business areas and other busy places. He highlighted the need of improving the traffic system at the entrances of Islamabad like Rawat, Tarnol, Bara Kahu as the business hubs located in these areas are facing the worst traffic problems. He said that lane marking has not been done in busy areas for a long time due to which traffic discipline has weakened. Traffic Police should work on it in collaboration with ICCI. He said that CDA should transfer the traffic engineering department to traffic police. He said that ICCI is ready to conduct awareness campaigns in collaboration with traffic police to improve the traffic system in the city.

Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Sarfraz Virk, SSP Traffic Islamabad emphasized for close cooperation between the business community and the traffic police to address issues and promote disciplined traffic in the city. He said that a special mechanism has been made to enhance traffic police in big commercial centers to maintain smooth traffic flow. He underscored the need to install cameras in all the markets to control car theft and other incidents. He said that despite the lack of resources, the traffic police is trying to perform better. He said that ICCI should cooperate with the traffic police in awareness programs to educate the citizens about the importance of disciplined traffic.

Engr. Azhar ul Islam Zafar, Vice President ICCI, said that the police should arrange training programs on traffic rules for the citizens. He said that the issue of excessive e-challans should be looked into.

Saif ur Rehman Khan Convener ICCI Police Committee and Presidents of various markets also highlighted various traffic related issues gave useful suggestions to address them.