Business community hails government timely decision to restore Independent Judiciary

  • March 16, 2009
Local business community in a meeting presided over by Mian Shaukat Masud, President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry hailed the government’s timely decision to restore all deposed judges which have averted the country from any major tragedy. They said this decision will go a long way in bringing normalcy and stability in the country which was must for economic revival. They said the business and economic activities were being badly hit by the prevailing atmosphere of instability and uncertainty and this phenomenon had created more concerns in domestic and international business community about future business prospects while investors were also shying away from coming to Pakistan. They said our economy was already in troubled waters due to many factors like global recession, high interest rates, high cost of doing business, power shortage while the new developments were adding fuel to the fire causing further economic slump adding to common man’s problems. However they said the government’s timely move to go for reconciliation have rekindled the hopes for better times to come which will facilitate businessmen in their efforts for economic revival.

Businessmen stressed that people mandate should be respected at all costs while efforts should now be focused on stabilizing the economy. They said it was high time that government should take all possible steps to revive the confidence of investors. They said political stability, improved law & order situation and environment of harmony will create better environment for luring foreign and domestic investment in the country which was essential for boosting up the economy. They said country was confronted with big challenges like rising poverty, unemployment, security issues, economic downturn, militancy & extremism and added that these challenges call for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to pull the country out of problems. They assured the government of the full cooperation and support in all its decisions and efforts taken for the larger national interest.