ICCI President shows concern over swelling power deficit which will further cripple the industrial sector

  • February 23, 2009
The uninterrupted and sustainable power supply is essential for the growth of industrial activities in the country as power is basic input for industrial sector, however, the ongoing power deficit, which is expected to swell many times during the next calendar year is a cause of great concern for industrialists and traders, therefore, government should adopt proactive approach to cope with this situation, otherwise, rising power deficit will further cripple the trade and industry, stated Mian Shaukat Masud, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a statement.

ICCI President stressed the need for innovative and out of box solutions to increase energy generation in the country for meeting the growing energy needs. He said that economy could not be sustained without energy and added that there is a pressing need for multiplying domestic energy production.  He said that energy security, like food security, was critical in the modern day world and called for devising a comprehensive energy security plan.  He said that right now country is facing 1000 MW power shortage during day time and 1500 MW night time which is putting negative impact on the business activities, disturbing production schedule of manufacturing units and diminishing their productivity.

ICCI President said another reason of the current power deficit is the nominal supply of gas to power houses due to which the country is experiencing the current load shedding. He said the three rental powerhouses, which only run on gas are producing zero electricity because of non-availability of gas and urged upon the government to look into this problem to make them functional by supplying them gas because their non-functioning status has deprived the country from almost 500 MW of electricity and worsened the ongoing power deficit.

Mian Shaukat Masud said that government should explore alternative sources of power generation like coal, wind, solar & nuclear energy sources. He said Pakistan has large number of coal reserves, particularly in Sind and Balochistan and by exploiting these coal reserves for power generation, the country could be able to overcome power shortage in the country. Moreover, Pakistan has lot of potential to generate energy by utilizing nuclear, wind and solar energy sources. He said the government should improve law and order situation and invite investors to make investment in these areas so that the country could easily meet the rising energy needs while our trade and industry could flourish smoothly to provide strong cushion to the sagging economy to put it back on track for development and growth.