ICCI strongly condemns derogatory remarks of BJP Spokesperson

  • June 07, 2022
Jamshaid Akhtar Sheikh, Acting President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry strongly condemned the blasphemous remarks made by BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma and another party leader Naveen Kumar Jindal against the Prophet (PBUH) and called for strong action against them by the BJP government. He said that the entire Pakistani nation, including the business community, was severely hurt by these blasphemous remarks. He said that he derogatory remarks made against the Prophet of Islam had not only deeply hurt the sentiments of the Pakistani nation but the entire Muslim Ummah has been hurt greatly from this move. He said that the pain and anxiety in the Muslim world could not be alleviated by the BJP’s attempted clarification and belated disciplinary action against the culprits was not enough to assuage the pain and anguish the the Muslim Ummah. He said that Muslims all over the world, including those living in India, were disappointed, therefore, he demanded that the culprits should immediately apologize to the entire Muslim Ummah for their insolence. He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of the business community ast ICCI.
Jamshaid Akhtar Sheikh said that the Pakistani nation, including the business community, was deeply concerned over the alarming rise in sectarian violence and hatred against Muslims in India. He said that the silence of the BJP’s top leadership on oppression and violence against Muslims was a clear indication that minorities, especially Muslims, were being persecuted with the open support of the state machinery and efforts were being made to push them towards further backwardness.
The Acting President ICCI urged India to ensure that strict action be taken against those responsible for making derogatory remarks and attacking the honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He further demanded that the BJP government should take immediate steps to protect all minorities, including its Muslims, from human rights violations, ensure their safety, security and well-being and enable them to live in peace in accordance with their faiths and beliefs.