Tajir Dost Scheme: ICCI President says broadening of tax net need of hour

  • April 06, 2024
President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari has welcomed the Federal Board of Revenue’s ‘Tajir Dost Scheme’ under which the trader would register themselves through Tajir Dost scheme in Tax Asaan App through their mobile phones or FBR’s web portal or by visiting FBR’s tax facilitation centers.

Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari said that the business community always remained tax compliant and favors broadening of tax net to pull the country out of the economic crunch. However, he emphasized that the tax should be simplified and the shopkeepers should be given facilities and have to be made to file a single page return once in a year.

He added that tax net has to be broaden for the economic development of the country but business community must not be unduly disturbed/harass and the business leaders as well as Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry must also be taken into confidence before going for any such significant decision.

The ICCI President said economic problems cannot be resolved until the problems of the business community are amicably resolved and for this purpose the government should introduce measures to enhance the confidence of the business community.