The solution of the economic crisis is the first priority

  • March 13, 2024
Federal Minister of Commerce Jam Kamal Khan has said that the government is business friendly, will make all the policies with the consultation of the business community and will take all the chambers of the country along with it. The solution of the economic crisis is the first priority. We want the support of the business community for the stability of the business, We will provide facilities to the business community for ease of doing business. The mission of fully facilitating investment and local and foreign investors and under the leadership of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has come with a strong determination to overcome the economic challenges facing the country. I would like to thank President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari and Secretary General UBG Zafar Bakhtawari for coming to congratulate. He expressed these views yesterday while talking to President ICCI Ahsan Zafar Bakhtavari and Secretary General UBG Zafar Bakhtavari, who congratulated him on assuming the post of Federal Minister of Commerce, Federal Minister of Commerce Jam Kamal Khan. said will increase the volume of trade, especially in key sectors such as mining, livestock, and textiles.We urgently need to align with global standards and adopt modern methods, Jam Kamal said that there is a need to move beyond the traditional trade approach and adopt proactive measures to improve Pakistan’s position in the global market.Speaking on the occasion, ICCI President Ahsan Zafar Bakhtavari said that people across the country, including the business community, have many expectations from the government. We know that there are difficult times and bad conditions. will fully cooperate with,The business community also expects that the government will consult the businessmen, especially the Chambers, in policy making, because the policy made with their consultation will benefit the country and the economy, We will lend our hand in the government’s efforts for economic stability, We will work together with the government to deal with the problem of inflation, reduce interest rates, improve exports, increase foreign exchange reserves and revive the economy.

Pakistan has excellent potential to promote exports of IT, pharmaceuticals, textiles and other sectors, so the business community should work with the government to solve the problems of the export sector and create a favorable environment for export promotion. ICCI will fully cooperate with the Government in its efforts to improve business and economic activities in the country.The government should start working on the budget proposals in consultation with all chambers of commerce and associations in the country so that a comprehensive document of proposals based on the views of the business community can be presented to the government for the next budget.On this occasion, Secretary General UBG Zafar Bakhtavari said that the business community will provide its full support to the government for economic stability, the business community is playing the most important role in the development of the economy. Will work with the newly elected government to promote ease of doing business in the country and improve the economy.