• President
  • Two Vice Presidents
  • Executive Committee
  • General Body


  • He shall be the Chief Executive of Chamber and will preside over meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Body of Chamber, and may lead all deputations and delegations
  • He shall perform such other duties as may be incidental to the office of the President.
  • He shall have the power to sanction an expenditure not exceeding Rs.100,000/- per month at a time prior to consultation or approval of the Committee from the funds of Chamber, provided that approval of the Committee shall be obtained at its meeting held immediately after the grant of such sanction.
  • He shall direct to summon all meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Body of Chamber
  • He shall take votes of the Members at a meeting of Chamber, if required, and declare the result of such counting of votes and, in the case of equality of votes, shall have a casting or second vote except on the occasion of an election of Chamber.
  • Delegate his powers/functions to the Vice President or any member of the Executive Committee.

Vice Presidents

  • In the absence of President, one of the Vice Presidents shall perform duties of the President as Acting President.
  • One of the Vice Presidents shall be responsible to supervise the Research and Development functions of the Chamber.
  • He shall handle affairs of the sub-committees constituted for specific purposes and as entrusted to him by the Executive Committee.


The President shall keep informed the Executive Committee through the Secretary General of his absence, if it is to prolong beyond a week then President shall depute one of the Vice Presidents to perform the duties of President as Acting President till his return.

  • In case when all office bearers for reasons happen to be not present, then Executive Committee shall elect one from amongst themselves to act as Acting President during period of such absence.