Form 2 – Application for conversion of status of company
Form 8 -Application for change of name
Form 15 – Notice of appointment or change of nominee or change in his particulars (for single member company only)
Form 21 – Notice of situation of registered office or any change therein
Form 22 – Declaration regarding compliance with the conditions of section 19 of the Companies Act, 2017 before commencing business in case of a company issuing prospectus
Form 23-Declaration before commencing business in case of a company filing statement in lieu of prospectus
Form 24 – Notice of rectification of register of members director
Form 26 -Special Resolution
Form 27 – Declaration to be submitted to the court by provisional managerofficial liquidator
Form 28 – Consent to act as director chief executive
Form 29 – Particulars of directors and officers, including the chief executive, secretary, chief financial officer, auditors and legal adviser or of any change therein
Form 30 – Notification of particulars of beneficial ownership to the company
Form 31 – Return containing particulars of substantial shareholders officers for Companies’ global register of beneficial ownership
Form 34 – Pattern of Shareholding
Form 38 – Application for obtaining status of inactive company
Form B – Annual return of company not having share capital